Jerry Dunlop, Lodge Owner/Operator

Phone: 204-422-6809

Box 32, Grp 35 RR2, Ste. Anne, Manitoba, Canada R5H 1R2

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Welcome to Dunlop's Fly-In Fishing Lodge & Outposts

Trophy Pike FishingDunlop's Fly-in Fishing Lodge & Outpost Camps is a Manitoba fishing lodge that offers catch & release trophy northern pike fishing and walleye fishing trips in Manitoba, Canada.

Dunlop's Lodge can offer you an exceptional trophy northern pike fishing adventure with service second to none.

The Main Lodge is located on Lake Waskaiowaka, off of the Little Churchill River in Northern Manitoba, Canada and offers you the best of Canadian northern pike fishing.

This lake is a northern pike fisherman's dream come true. Northern Pike thrive in these waters and are caught in abundance by all of our guests. With our strict catch and release and barbless hook policies, and our extreme care in releasing the northern pike alive, we are able to provide trophy northern pike fishing trips year after year and for generations to come.

FishingOur Campbell Lake and Pelletier Lake Outposts offer more options for the intrepid outdoorsman, and bear hunts are also available.

Beautiful scenery and sunsets, good food, shore lunches and really big fish - what more could you ask for!?

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Dunlop's Lodge is located in the northern part of the province, beyond the reach of everybody except for a select few as there are no roads here and the only way in is to fly in on our private airstrip. With some of the biggest and best trophy Northern pike fishing in all of Manitoba, it is truly a privilege to work and fish on Lake Waskaiowaka.

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Some videos and reviews of the fishing action at Dunlop's Lodge: