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Jerry Dunlop, Lodge Owner/Operator

Phone: 204-346-FISH (3474)

48 Bluebird Lane, La Broquerie West, Manitoba, Canada R0A 0W1

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about Dunlop's Fly-In Lodge and Outpost.

Do you have daily fly-outs?

No, you can leave your big wallet at home, no need to pay a lot more money to catch big fish. At Dunlop's Lodge we have great trophy pike fishing right on the main lake. No need to fly in just to fly back out.

Is this a catch & release lake?

Yes, all fish are released back into the water so that other fishermen may experience the thrill of catching trophy northern pike for years to come. Only small fish are kept for shore lunch.

Which days of the week do your trips run?

Our season runs June to August, the 7-day trips are from Saturday to Saturday. The 4-day trips are from Saturday to Wednesday and the 3-day trips are from Wednesday to Saturday.

How good is the fishing?

I have been guiding all over northern Manitoba for the last 18 years and have fished most of the main lakes in the north. I believe that this lake is just as good, if not better, than any other lake in Manitoba. The number of big pike caught and released on these lakes is truly amazing. True 50 inch pike live in these waters and are caught every year.

The Little Churchill River system feeds some of the best pike fishing lakes out there. A 55 inch pike was caught at the outpost along with many 45 to 50 inch ones. On Lake Waskaiowaka, the number of trophy pike caught per guest is better than I have ever seen or heard of.

And walleye?

Well, how many do you want?

Are you the only lodge on the lake?

Yes we are the only lodge on this lake and there are no other outfitters for 100 miles.

Are you road accessible?

No, the only way to get to the camp is to fly in on our private 3000 foot airstrip.

Where are you located?

Lake Waskaiowaka is situated on the Little Churchill River in northern Manitoba, about 500 miles north of the Canada/U.S.A. border and 90 miles northeast of Thompson, Manitoba.

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How big is Lake Waskaiowaka?

The lake is about 24 miles x 12 miles. It is like two lakes side by side with only a narrow channel between the two.

How far is your airstrip from the lodge?

The airstrip is located right behind the camp, 200 yards from your cabin. No boat rides, bus tours, or long walks to get to the lodge.

The terrain around the Main Lodge is very flat and easy to navigate, and we will assist you as necessary or provide rides on a golf cart and help you with entering and exiting boats if mobility is an issue. We want everyone to enjoy their fishing experience regardless of age or gender!